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Motorised Stirrer

We have updated and improved our through the lid motorised vacuum stirrer, it is now twice as powerful and twice as light, but only half the price.

This system is a variable speed motorised vacuum paddle stirrer, available as a direct replacement for the 42, 76 and 118 litre degassing chamber lid, with a separate control unit. Simply plug in and go.

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The system Contains:

  • Lid mounted 220 DC Motor, 120W, 7.6Nm – 11.6Nm torque. With 30:1 gearbox.
  • Variable speed controller 2.7-133 RPM with mains cable and UK 3 pin plug.
  • 230 volt mains supply
  • High efficiency 120mm diameter replaceable steel paddle. (Paddle shaft can be shortened if required)
  • Dynamic O-ring vacuum rotary shaft seal (Replacement O-ring kit available)
  • Clear acrylic lid
  • Lifting handles


Not suitable for extremely high viscous mixtures. Suggested maximum viscosity: 800P (poise) – 800000cP (centipoise) – 80Pa.s (Pascal seconds).

However, due to the nature of dynamic viscosity and the many variables (ie.: container radius, fluid depth, rotational speed and motor torque) the calculations vary substantially.

For example – in a 118L chamber with roughly 180mm depth of mixture and the motor at 60rpm, the mixture viscosity should not exceed 500P (50000cP). Therefore, at 30rpm the motor could handle mixtures of 1000P (100000cP) and adversely, at 120rpm the mixture shouldn’t be more than 250P (25000cP).

To accommodate the changes in torque, as the motor speed increases, the potentiometer within the control box controls the acceleration and deceleration periods of the motor.

As an example this means you could set the rpm at 100 and acceleration time to 5s ( it allows for any set point between 1s to 15s) and the system will slowly start to mix with maximum torque, before reaching the set 100 rpm over the desired acceleration time of 5s.

You can also fully control the rotational speed and acceleration manually with the dial on the front of the control unit.

Part Numbers:

42 litre stirrer   DP42-STIR-20 
76 litre stirrer   DP76-STIR-20 
118 litre stirrer DP118-STIR-20

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