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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of questions that we get asked on a regular basis, Please take a few minutes to read them and hopefully they will answer your questions. 

If we can assist you in any further Vacuum related questions that you may have then please use this contact form

How do I degas resin?

We have a video on our Vacuum Degassing kits page to show you the step-by-step process for you to learn the whole process from start to finish. 

What equipment do I need to degas resin?

You will need some sort of Vacuum Chamber, a Vacuum Pump, and the fittings to go between the two. Take a look at our Vacuum Degassing kits page and decide which bits you need. Applied Vacuum Engineering can supply most equipment off the shelf with very short delivery times. 

Where do I buy resin degassing chambers from? 

Take a look at our Vacuum degassing Page and decide whether you need a complete kit or just a Vacuum Chamber

Where do you supply degassing equipment to? 

We have sold our Industrial Vacuum Equipment to the UK and Worldwide businesses. Just get in touch at the time of purchase for exact delivery times and prices. 

How big does my degassing chamber have to be? 

The size of the chamber will depend on the expansion of the substance that is being degassed. Some Resin can expand up to 4-5 times its original size. Please feel free to contact us for further advise.

Where do I find a vacuum degassing procedure video? 

We have a video on our Vacuum Degassing kits page to show you the step-by-step process for you to learn the whole process from start to finish. 

Is there is a UK distributor of vacuum degassing equipment? 

Yes Applied Vacuum Engineering have everything to suit your Vacuum Degassing needs. If you need a higher capacity Vacuum pump for a current system or just need to get started with a small setup then just get in touch with us here. 

Can I buy a plug and play degassing system?

Yes AVE have Vacuum Degassing Kits that are complete ‘Ready to go’ systems. Take a look at our Degassing Kits Page.

What is the pump down time for a clean degassing chamber? 

The pump down time for a Clean Chamber will depend on the size of the Vacuum Chamber and the size of the Vacuum Pump. We have a calculator to work this out so please contact us before purchase so we get the right equipment to you the first time. 

How big does my container have to be to accommodate the 
expansion of the resin under vacuum? 

It would depend on the specification of the substance being degassed but to be on the safe side just try a small amount first and build things up.

Do I need a ‘vacuum Degassing Chamber’ or ‘vacuum Degassing Kit’? 

We can supply the complete system or just some of the items to go along with your current setup. The difference is that the kit will be supplied with a Vacuum Pump and all the connections that you need to get started right away. 

What size vacuum pump do I need? 

Applied Vacuum Engineering can supply any size vacuum pump. We would need to know what your process is so we can give you the best advise to get you started. 

What does ‘pot life’ mean? 

Once part A and part B are mechanically mixed together, ‘pot life’ refers to the amount of time that the applicator has to work with the material before it begins to chemically cure and harden.

What level of vacuum is required to degas my material? 

Check the Specification from the manufacturer of the Resin etc.

How soon can I receive my degassing system? 

Applied Vacuum Engineering have an extensive stock of Vacuum Degassing Chambers in stock for delivery within just a few days. 

What other vacuum degassing accessories can I purchase? 

AVE can supply Vacuum regulator valves, barometrically compensated Gauges, mixing buckets, wheels for the big degassing pots, ‘L’ Gaskets and many more items for your existing units or we can fit these items to your new systems before they get shipped to you. See our Accessories page here.

Who supplies cheap vacuum pumps in the UK? 

At Applied Vacuum we have a vacuum pump for every budget and can usually find one to suit your needs. 
Please contact us with further details of the work that you are doing and we will help you get the right pump for your project. 

Where can I buy small vacuum degassing equipment? 

AVE have a full range of Vacuum Degassing Equipment in stock from the DP-1.5-KIT to the DP-118-KIT. Take a look at this site to find a size that suits your needs.

Can I have wheels fitted to my large vacuum degassing chamber? 

Yes we can fit wheels to our largest degassing chambers because we know just how awkward they can be to lift. Just let us know at the time of purchase if you would like the additional wheels. (Cost is £30) 

Can I have a vacuum regulator fitted to my vacuum degassing equipment?

Yes and we have lots of other accessories available for you. Just take a look at our accessories page for further details.