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Altitude Simulation Chamber

This acrylic chamber was designed to simulate atmospheric conditions and pressures at various altitudes and simulate the various altitude profiles of an aircraft taking off and landing at varying rates of ascent and descent.

The inlet valves on the sides are to introduce mixtures of gasses and ‘shock’ the system simulating damage to the aircraft’s body and a breach that might cause a sudden drop in pressure.

The huge ISO100 50 pin D-Sub on the rear of the chamber is for an array of electrical sensors all to be soldered to and distributed across the shelf that sits around the entire perimeter of the inside of the chamber.

The real magic behind all of the chamber though is in the PLC and the control valve manifold – The manifold below consists of two proportional valves controlled by a pulse width modulator and feedback loop from a strain gauge attached to the vacuum chamber and two solenoid valves acting as automatic isolation valves from both the vacuum pump and to the atmosphere.

The DVP LC.12 vacuum pump will pump this 64Ltr chamber from atmosphere to 20mbar (approx. sea level to 85000ft) in around 30s, and the proportional valves can control the flow rate in both directions to slow the ascending and descending (pumping and venting) rates accordingly.

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