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Box Chambers

Altitude Simulation Vacuum Chamber

This custom mild steel vacuum chamber was purposefully designed for testing packaging at altitude during aerial transportation. The advanced vacuum controller allows the 800mm3 internal volume to be evacuated gradually over a specified period. It can then be maintained at the desired vacuum level before smoothly returning to atmospheric pressure. Positioned on the right-hand side […]

High Vacuum Filament Processing Plant

This vacuum system is a very smart piece of tech. even if we say so ourselves. With a vacuum chamber capable of 2 x 10-8 mbar and a smart PLC system fully automating the process this customer can now ditch their old Edwards 306 Autocoaters and process their filaments in record time. The old coaters […]

Automated Resin Casting Machine

This system was completely designed from the top down to fully automate the degassing and casting process from start to finish at just the press of a button by the end user. The software controls the opening and closing of all of the corresponding solenoid valves and opening and closing of the pneumatic pinch valve […]

Custom Vacuum System With Bespoke Trolley

This Customer needed a box chamber of a certain dimension to fit their product. Space is a premium in their workshop so they wanted it to be compact and mobile, whilst incorporating a workbench with a rotating worktable to the side. All of which was to be on ESD compliant castors, and lockable for safety. […]