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Vacuum Impregnation R&D Project

This nice little system is using two of our motorised stirrers in two DP27 and DP76 vacuum chambers to degas various oil mixtures in the smaller tank and remove air from the pellets in the larger tank before using pressure differential to pull the liquid into the larger tank and fully infuse the pellets with […]

442Ltr Vacuum Chamber

This HUGE tank was sent on its way recently to be used in degassing large transformers. The vacuum chamber was so large we decided to have some metal pallets made up and mounted it on top for ease of manoeuvrability around the customers facility, plus they look rather striking. This vacuum chamber has a lid […]


Below is the 42Ltr version of our new AVE-STIR-20 variable speed controlled motorised vacuum stirrer. We have these available as an add on for our DP42, DP76 and DP118 vacuum degassing chambers. More info in the AVE stirrer system can be seen here Motorised Vacuum Stirrer | AVE Vacuum-Degassing (vacuum-degassing.com)


vacuum stirrer

Another stirrer system made its way off out of the workshop this week. This one is en route to Portugal, or “a caminho” as the Portuguese would say. The motorised stirrer system is a variable speed motorised vacuum paddle stirrer, available as a direct replacement for the 42, 76 and 118 litre degassing chamber lid, with […]

304L Stainless Vacuum Chambers

stainless steel vacuum chamber

These two custom vacuum chambers are custom sized and designed to fit inside another chamber, with specified ports for the vacuum line, venting valve and any other feedthroughs the customer will need in the future. Made from 304L stainless steel with 316L stainless steel sockets. Clear cast acrylic lid with nitrile ‘L’ gasket. one 15L […]

8 Ltr Catch Pots for Vacuum Bagging

Catch Pots

Vacuum Bagging Vacuum bagging is a very flexible process for consolidating fibre-reinforced polymer laminates of a wide range of shapes and sizes. The composite to be consolidated (e.g. a prepreg or hand lay-up) is placed on a single-sided mould. The material is then covered with an impervious film (the “vacuum bag”), which is sealed around […]

Stainless Steel DP8

Here are two fully stainless steel custom sized 8ltr vacuum chambers with acrylic lids made for a customer in the aerospace industry. These high quality chambers are constructed with 304L stainless steel bodies and 316L stainless manifold. The customer is using water in some of their experiments and needed a chamber that would be more […]

Large Test Cylinders

A university lab wanted some custom chambers to perform tests in. They gave us the spec. and we delivered. 2 OFF 118Ltr stainless chambers with multiple KF attachments and raised off of the floor with a KF stub underneath, and 2 OFF 157Ltr stainless chambers with multiple KF attachments. As always we machine the top […]

Custom High Vacuum Chamber

This custom chamber was made for a company in Zurich. They wanted a test chamber capable of reaching 1 x 10-3 mbar, hence the aluminium lid, but they also wanted the flexibility to be able to use the chamber for a multitude of experiments, hence the acrylic lid and multiple KF stubs allowing for different […]