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Bell Jar System with Heat plate and Controller

heated bell jar system

This fully customised Bell Jar Vacuum System has had a heat plate installed along with a separate control panel to monitor, as well as control the temperature of the plate inside. For safety reasons the system was fitted with a vacuum switch so that the heater wouldn’t turn on until it was under vacuum. The […]

Vacuum Impregnation R&D Project

This nice little system is using two of our motorised stirrers in two DP27 and DP76 vacuum chambers to degas various oil mixtures in the smaller tank and remove air from the pellets in the larger tank before using pressure differential to pull the liquid into the larger tank and fully infuse the pellets with […]

High Vacuum Filament Processing Plant

This vacuum system is a very smart piece of tech. even if we say so ourselves. With a vacuum chamber capable of 2 x 10-8 mbar and a smart PLC system fully automating the process this customer can now ditch their old Edwards 306 Autocoaters and process their filaments in record time. The old coaters […]

442Ltr Vacuum Chamber

This HUGE tank was sent on its way recently to be used in degassing large transformers. The vacuum chamber was so large we decided to have some metal pallets made up and mounted it on top for ease of manoeuvrability around the customers facility, plus they look rather striking. This vacuum chamber has a lid […]


Below is the 42Ltr version of our new AVE-STIR-20 variable speed controlled motorised vacuum stirrer. We have these available as an add on for our DP42, DP76 and DP118 vacuum degassing chambers. More info in the AVE stirrer system can be seen here Motorised Vacuum Stirrer | AVE Vacuum-Degassing (vacuum-degassing.com)


vacuum stirrer

Another stirrer system made its way off out of the workshop this week. This one is en route to Portugal, or “a caminho” as the Portuguese would say. The motorised stirrer system is a variable speed motorised vacuum paddle stirrer, available as a direct replacement for the 42, 76 and 118 litre degassing chamber lid, with […]

Modified ACC34-PT

This customer wanted an ACC34-PT but with modifications to the submerge plate. Rather than use the submerge plate attached to the lid to push the product under water, they wanted to suspend their product into the water from above. This simple modification, turning the submerge plate into a stand, was perfect for them.