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Bell jars & Glass Cylinders

Bell Jar System with Heat plate and Controller

heated bell jar system

This fully customised Bell Jar Vacuum System has had a heat plate installed along with a separate control panel to monitor, as well as control the temperature of the plate inside. For safety reasons the system was fitted with a vacuum switch so that the heater wouldn’t turn on until it was under vacuum. The […]

Custom Vacuum Cylinder (VC-12-VF)

This vacuum cylinder system is on its way to Canada for use in a lab testing soil samples and much more. The normal system comes with an acrylic lid but due to the nature of some of the chemicals being introduced into the system they required an aluminium replacement. Paired with a DVP LB.6 vacuum […]

18″ Bell Jar – BJ-18-VF

This lovely system has made its way out of the workshop this week. It is huge! It dwarfs our ‘standard’ 12″ system by comparison. This system has a custom baseplate to allow for a number of changeable feedthroughs, and attachment points to hold samples in place for the customer’s experiments. Completed with a fully stainless […]

Customised VC-12-VF

100mm vacuum gauge

This is a lovely example of our VC-12-VF vacuum cylinder model available at www.vacuum-belljars.com This one has been customised with the inclusion of a 100mm 0-50mbar vacuum gauge for some added accuracy of their experiments.

Bell Jar for Electronic Testing

electrical test bell jar system

This custom Bell Jar system houses 3 x 12kV electrical feedthroughs and an earthing point for the customer to perform various tests on their products. The pump supplied with it is a DVP.LC4 which has an ultimate pressure of 2mbar. The system is fitted with a digital gauge accurate to ± 0.25% FS, and a […]

UHV Glass Cylinder System

A customer wanted a bell jar system that performed in the Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) range with an electrical feedthrough to perform tests in. We combined our standard cylindrical style glass chamber with the Agilent TPS Mini turbo pump. There were some modifications to the base plate to make is all work, but the result […]