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Altitude Simulation Vacuum Chamber

This custom mild steel vacuum chamber was purposefully designed for testing packaging at altitude during aerial transportation. The advanced vacuum controller allows the 800mm3 internal volume to be evacuated gradually over a specified period. It can then be maintained at the desired vacuum level before smoothly returning to atmospheric pressure.

Positioned on the right-hand side of the door, the control panel allows the operator complete freedom to set up personal recipes and adjust the evacuation characteristics within the chamber.

The chambers design includes an aluminium door mounted via heavy-duty hinges to the powder coated mild steel framework. To ensure structural integrity our design team conducted Finite Element Analysis and applied appropriate, yet non-invasive bracing. Every member of the AVE team had a part to play in the successful development and delivery of this project. As it leaves the shop floor, we take pride in our latest achievement.

For any information or inquiries regarding bespoke vacuum chambers please get in touch with a member of the Applied Vacuum Engineering team today!