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Unleashing Potential: AVE’s Custom Design Service

At AVE, we take pride in our diverse range of acrylic chambers and custom design service.

Among our recent projects, this pair of cylindrical chambers has been delivered for research within the aerospace industry.  

These chambers were supplied with a complete manifold comprising of a vacuum isolation valve, an air admittance valve, and an AVE vacuum display gauge. The client also requested additional ports to accommodate the introduction of various gasses and sensory equipment.

To ensure the vessel was maintained at a safe pressure during gas introduction, a pressure relief valve was incorporated. During experimental procedures the chambers are strapped to a centrifugal plate. Grooves machined into the chambers ensure this is a secure and user friendly mounting mechanism.

After months of collaboration with our custom design service, the client was exceptionally happy with the product. In testimony to this, an additional eight units are in production and are set to further expand research capabilities.

All of our acrylic chambers are compliant with ASTM D3078-02 and ISO 20484 testing standards, they are tested to a vacuum of 5×10-2mbar, and helium leak tested. This makes them ideal for a wide range of experimental purposes.

To bring your bespoke vacuum chamber into fruition, please get in touch with a member of the Applied Vacuum Engineering team today!