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New Range of Package Leak Testing Vacuum Chambers

Chambers within our ACBXX-PT-SS range were designed for package testing within the food and medical industries. For instance, each package leak testing chamber comes with a submerge plate, vacuum regulator and drainage valve. Additionally, these chambers are often situated in moist environments hence they are fitted with a corrosion resistant vacuum manifold, which is comprised of a vacuum isolation valve, air admittance valve and an AVE vacuum display gauge. The set up makes them perfect for water submersion bubble leak testing which determines leaks in flexible packaging.

To evacuate our ACBXX-PT-V systems, a 28.0” Hg Venturi Pump is used. These pumps take advantage of the venturi effect—as a stream of compressed air exits a constricted orifice the resulting pressure drop draws air through a vacuum port. Moreover, since they require no oil or electricity, the resulting vacuum (up to 29.5″ Hg) is clean and efficient. They are intrinsically safe due to possessing no moving parts or electrical hazards.

Our ACB chambers are compliant with ASTM D3078-02 and ISO 20484 testing standards and are tested to a vacuum of 5×10-2mbar, and helium leak tested.

ACBXX-PT-SS-V Features

  • Material – Clear Cast Acrylic.
  • Sealing Face – Machined to flat with a Silicone ‘O’ ring Seal.
  • 28.0” Hg Venturi Pump.
  • Clear perforated acrylic submerge plate, suspended with stainless steel threaded studs for easy height adjustment.
  • ¼” BSPP drain valve.
  • Lid mounted 63mm glycerine filled vacuum dial gauge.
  • Lid mounted ¼” BSPP air admittance ball valve.
  • Lid mounted ¼” BSPP vacuum isolation valve.
  • Lid mounted adjustable vacuum regulator, 240 ltr/min maximum flow.
  • Stainless Steel over-centre latches to ensure lid seal on models ACB21 and larger.
  • Stainless Steel gas struts on ACB64 and larger.

AVE’s Custom Design Service

AVE’s custom design service enables design flexibility to help meet your specific requirements:

  • All chambers can be modified with additional gas inlets and outlets.
  • UKAS or traceable vacuum gauge calibration is available upon request.
  • We offer a wide range of electrical vacuum feed-troughs and sensors.
  • If a Venturi pump is not suitable, we are proud to offer a 10% discount on all DVP vacuum pumps when sold with a chamber.

For additional information, to request an official quotation or to access our custom design services please contact us today!