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New Range of Package Leak Testing Vacuum Chambers

Chambers within our ACBXX-PT-SS range were designed for package testing within the food and medical industries. For instance, each package leak testing chamber comes with a submerge plate, vacuum regulator and drainage valve. Additionally, these chambers are often situated in moist environments hence they are fitted with a corrosion resistant vacuum manifold, which is comprised […]

Unleashing Potential: AVE’s Custom Design Service

At AVE, we take pride in our diverse range of acrylic chambers and custom design service. Among our recent projects, this pair of cylindrical chambers has been delivered for research within the aerospace industry.   These chambers were supplied with a complete manifold comprising of a vacuum isolation valve, an air admittance valve, and an […]

Altitude Simulation Vacuum Chamber

This custom mild steel vacuum chamber was purposefully designed for testing packaging at altitude during aerial transportation. The advanced vacuum controller allows the 800mm3 internal volume to be evacuated gradually over a specified period. It can then be maintained at the desired vacuum level before smoothly returning to atmospheric pressure. Positioned on the right-hand side […]