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Recent Projects

Altitude Simulation Chamber

This acrylic chamber was designed to simulate atmospheric conditions and pressures at various altitudes and simulate the various altitude profiles of an aircraft taking off and landing at varying rates of ascent and descent. The inlet valves on the sides are to introduce mixtures of gasses and ‘shock’ the system simulating damage to the aircraft’s […]

Custom Vacuum Cylinder (VC-12-VF)

This vacuum cylinder system is on its way to Canada for use in a lab testing soil samples and much more. The normal system comes with an acrylic lid but due to the nature of some of the chemicals being introduced into the system they required an aluminium replacement. Paired with a DVP LB.6 vacuum […]

18″ Bell Jar – BJ-18-VF

This lovely system has made its way out of the workshop this week. It is huge! It dwarfs our ‘standard’ 12″ system by comparison. This system has a custom baseplate to allow for a number of changeable feedthroughs, and attachment points to hold samples in place for the customer’s experiments. Completed with a fully stainless […]


vacuum stirrer

Another stirrer system made its way off out of the workshop this week. This one is en route to Portugal, or “a caminho” as the Portuguese would say. The motorised stirrer system is a variable speed motorised vacuum paddle stirrer, available as a direct replacement for the 42, 76 and 118 litre degassing chamber lid, with […]

ACB27 Gas Testing Chamber

This customised ACB27 has two inlet valves for gas feeds, three vacuum USB feedthroughs for an array of sensors and a UKAS calibrated 70mm digital vacuum gauge for super accurate measuring whilst testing.

Modified ACC34-PT

This customer wanted an ACC34-PT but with modifications to the submerge plate. Rather than use the submerge plate attached to the lid to push the product under water, they wanted to suspend their product into the water from above. This simple modification, turning the submerge plate into a stand, was perfect for them.

304L Stainless Vacuum Chambers

stainless steel vacuum chamber

These two custom vacuum chambers are custom sized and designed to fit inside another chamber, with specified ports for the vacuum line, venting valve and any other feedthroughs the customer will need in the future. Made from 304L stainless steel with 316L stainless steel sockets. Clear cast acrylic lid with nitrile ‘L’ gasket. one 15L […]

Customised VC-12-VF

100mm vacuum gauge

This is a lovely example of our VC-12-VF vacuum cylinder model available at www.vacuum-belljars.com This one has been customised with the inclusion of a 100mm 0-50mbar vacuum gauge for some added accuracy of their experiments.

Custom ACB96-FL

This acrylic package testing chamber was one of two designed around testing the seal integrity of the foil lid on a cartridge. The test rig holds around 50 cartridges and the operator needed good 360 degree view during the process. Acrylic vacuum chambers are ideal for applications like these, however this product has potentially dangerous […]

8 Ltr Catch Pots for Vacuum Bagging

Catch Pots

Vacuum Bagging Vacuum bagging is a very flexible process for consolidating fibre-reinforced polymer laminates of a wide range of shapes and sizes. The composite to be consolidated (e.g. a prepreg or hand lay-up) is placed on a single-sided mould. The material is then covered with an impervious film (the “vacuum bag”), which is sealed around […]