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Recent Projects

Custom Vacuum System With Bespoke Trolley

This Customer needed a box chamber of a certain dimension to fit their product. Space is a premium in their workshop so they wanted it to be compact and mobile, whilst incorporating a workbench with a rotating worktable to the side. All of which was to be on ESD compliant castors, and lockable for safety. […]

UHV Glass Cylinder System

A customer wanted a bell jar system that performed in the Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) range with an electrical feedthrough to perform tests in. We combined our standard cylindrical style glass chamber with the Agilent TPS Mini turbo pump. There were some modifications to the base plate to make is all work, but the result […]

Large Test Cylinders

A university lab wanted some custom chambers to perform tests in. They gave us the spec. and we delivered. 2 OFF 118Ltr stainless chambers with multiple KF attachments and raised off of the floor with a KF stub underneath, and 2 OFF 157Ltr stainless chambers with multiple KF attachments. As always we machine the top […]

Custom High Vacuum Chamber

This custom chamber was made for a company in Zurich. They wanted a test chamber capable of reaching 1 x 10-3 mbar, hence the aluminium lid, but they also wanted the flexibility to be able to use the chamber for a multitude of experiments, hence the acrylic lid and multiple KF stubs allowing for different […]

Bespoke ACB64-FL – LTEC

This innovative project saw a lot of ‘out of the box’ thinking and needed some careful designing and planning along the way. The finished item, however, looks stunning and is well up to the application it is intended for. The customer came to us a few months ago with an application in mind and some […]